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Can you delete a post that you have posted ?

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It varies from site to site depending what Board Software the site is using.


Here, as far as I could see Members can not delete their posts.


If I am mistaken I welcome a correction.


I have made you a Moderator (Congratulations) which will give you some tools to work with.


If you like it and as you get used to things Super Moderator will give you a bit more clout.


Now if you go back to your post, and click the drop down menu under the thread title where it says Topic Moderation, you will see an option to delete your post.

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As an admin should be easy,, click the box next to your post; and hit delete. For us regular folks we can/t delete posts; but can modify. We go to the post; hit edit; then advance; make changes; then save.

we need to go to post we made hit modify; then go advance. make the changes then hit save.


my two cents..lols



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